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What is St. Nick's Day?

When you wake up on the morning of December 6, will there be a bag full of candy and maybe even a present in it waiting for you? If you answered yes, you're one of the special ones who participate in a tradition known as St. Nick's Day.



St. Nick "Shoe" Bags

Place the St. Nick Shoe Bag outside your bedroom door on the night of Dec. 5th in hopes that St. Nick will fill it with a gift for you to find on the morning of Dec. 6th.  Traditional items stuffed in the bag typically include Christmas Pajammas, Oranges, chocolate coins, and small gifts. KEEP IT SIMPLE and enjoy this unique start to the Holiday Season.

St. Nick Gold

This elegant keepsake is a beautiful Hunter Green or Black Velveteen Pouch. Screen printed with the St. Nicholas image and filled with 7 Milk Chocolate Coins. Great for smaller gifts!

Product Size: 5” W x 7” H -Because of size constraints, this item can not be personalized. 

Christmas Pickle

When decorating the Christmas tree, it is traditional to hang the pickle last, hidden among the branches. The first child on Christmas Day to find the Christmas pickle receives a special blessing for the year and an extra gift! Great tradition to share with your family this year and for years to come!